Our Approach

Thought leadership and evidence-based programmes

We use field-based evidence to develop solutions and promote their effective implementation in communities. Our flagship solutions include:

  • Gender-transformative Skillful Parenting
  • Social and gender norms transformation
  • Whole School Approach

Influence government policies and practices

We advocate for better policies, programmes and practices that support the scale-up of solutions that empower families, c ommunities and governments to protect children.

Implement and deliver quality services

We maintain respectful dialogue and connections with children, families and communities to address harmful social norms and co-create useful solutions that safeguard the rights of children.

Build organizational and local capacity

We collaborate with rights-based organizations and other community development organizations to build their capacity to deliver quality programmes for children and their families.

Our Programming Principles:

Participation of our main impact groups in programming:

When creating and evaluating programs, we pay attention to and act upon the needs and ambitions of our stakeholders and beneficiaries.

Human and child rights approach:

Our priority is on promoting and protecting human rights by reducing inequalities, poverty and violence as well as realizing the rights of vulnerable children.

Safeguarding and doing no harm:

In our work, we take precautions to prevent harm-sexual exploitation, abuse, and harassment; to safeguard our personnel and target populations.

Gender transformative approach:

Our organizational culture, operations and programming takes into account; Gender roles, norms and dynamic.

Leave no one behind:

Our mission is to create surroundings that are caring and safe for children.

Where we work

 Our focus is on East Africa, building on our longstanding presence in Kenya (Nairobi, Kisumu,Kiambu- Limuru, Machakos, Busia, Nyamira, Kilifi and Garissa), Northern Tanzania (Shinyanga, Simiyu, Mwanza and Kilimanjaro) and lately in Côte d’Ivoire (Abidjan - cocody-7ieme tranche). We are looking into opportunities of moving into Uganda and Rwanda where our approach could have significant added value. Despite the East-Africa focus, should opportunities arise that support our strategic direction, we are open to moving into other English-speaking countries in Africa. 

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