Anastacia breastfeeding her daughter.

Positive Initiative Towards Successful, Sustainable Family Reintegration

Children thrive better when brought up in a family environment than an orphanage. ICS SP is making this possible in collaboration with the Changing the Way We Care (CTWW) program by placing children with their families.

Dero's Tale of Resilience and Triumph Over Child Labor

Being involved in child labour can have physical, mental developmental and economic effects on children and their families and perpetuate the cycle of child labour as children grow into adults and subject their own children to the same forms of labour.

The Transformative Impact of Life Skills Training for Adolescent Girls and Young Women (AGYWs)

ICS SP initiated a mentorship program in Ombeyi ward. The program targeted AGYWs aged 10-19, aiming to equip them with life skills through a curriculum that would open doors to social and economic empowerment opportunities. This included business support, vocational training enrollment, psychosocial support, and access to essential services such as medical screenings and family planning.

Emma and her daughter Ivone in their house

Overcoming Family Violence through Skillful Parenting

Empowering families through skillful parenting prevents Violence Against children, women, and girls, addressing the underlying stressors like poverty. Beyond parenting skills we incorporate economic interventions to uplift households by boosting income and ensuring food security.

The growing team at ICS SP across the countries

This shift has brought about an addition to our growing team. We have 9 new employees supporting the two-program totaling the number of almost 40 employees including interns across the countries.