National Positive Parenting Programme (NPPP) Transforming Families, One Household at a Time

The National Positive Parenting Program focuses on improving how parents execute their roles within the family by enhancing their knowledge, attitudes, skills, behaviors, and practices. The Transformative parenting programme provides parenting education and support which is necessary to enable families remain stable and provide a safe and nurturing environment where children thrive.

Emma and her daughter Ivone in their house

Overcoming Family Violence through Skillful Parenting

Empowering families through skillful parenting prevents Violence Against children, women, and girls, addressing the underlying stressors like poverty. Beyond parenting skills we incorporate economic interventions to uplift households by boosting income and ensuring food security.

Integrating Skilful Parenting in the Institute of Social Work

The institute continues to receive support from ICS SP Tanzania to deliver the package to students and parents/caregivers.

The Skilful Parenting Program saved my children from Child Labor and Child Marriage

Traoré narrates his tale on how the Skilful Parenting program saved his family and allowed his children to enjoy their rights and have a fulfilling childhood.