Integrating Skilful Parenting in the Institute of Social Work

To help sustain and equip our communities, ICS SP Tanzania trained lectures and students of Kisangara Institute of Social Work on Gender Transformative Parenting by using its guide. The goal of the training was to influence institutes of higher learning in Tanzania to integrate Skilful Parenting in their curriculum.

grid-out-of-class-exercises-during-sp1669365793.jpgDuring the training, ICS SP Tanzania jointly with the Institute of Social Work agreed to work together to ensure that all parents/caregivers close to the institute received the 12 modules of the Skilful Parenting package through community engagement. To date, ICS SP Tanzania has 106 parents/caregivers through the support of the trained students taking the ECD Course. Successfully, the institute has already integrated parenting on ECD course NTA level 4, 5, and 6.


The institute continues to receive support from ICS SP Tanzania to deliver the package to students and parents/caregivers. Aside from this, ICS SP Tanzania together with the institute have influenced changes on integrated Skilful Parenting in social work curriculum during the review and thus Skilful Parenting has been Integration in Bachelor’s Degree.